Rocket League is becoming a real-life Hot Wheels set - CNET
Mike Sorrentino
The set, which is at New York Toy Fair, will let you play soccer with these Battle-Cars.

Magical interactive Harry Potter wands swing into Toy Fair - CNET
Bonnie Burton
Unleash your inner wizard with these Wizard Training Wands from Jakks Pacific that use motion sensors to track your movements.

Can Samsung still claim to be ahead of Apple? - CNET
Chris Matyszczyk
Commentary: Samsung keeps insisting that Apple is always behind. With the release of the Galaxy S9, how true might that be?

Jaguar Land Rover Activity Key wearable sales are hot - Roadshow
Chris Paukert
Shoppers are ponying up for this Fitbit-like RF-based wearable tech in surprising numbers.

Facebook proved popular with Russian election trolls - CNET
Steven Musil
Social network singled out in indictment charging 13 Russians with interfering with the US election.

Why Microsoft should scrap Bing and call it Microsoft Search - CNET
Chris Matyszczyk
Commentary: Recently, Microsoft began to feature its own name on Bing Translator. Perhaps it's time for the Bing brand to be retired.

Ford GT sale puts John Cena in a legal cage match - Roadshow
Kyle Hyatt
It's now up to the courts to decide whether wrestling star John Cena can sell his new Ford GT supercar for a healthy profit.

Dodge Demon hits 203 mph in about a minute - Roadshow
Andrew Krok
You'll need to do a couple things to make your own Demon capable of that speed, though.

How a $20 bitcoin buy led to a multiyear hassle - CNET
Amanda Kooser
Commentary: My encounter with a bitcoin ATM four years ago turned $20 into a saga of frustration, forgetfulness and jackpots won and lost.

First SpaceX internet satellites now set to launch Wednesday - CNET
Eric Mack
Elon Musk's rocket company has been working on getting satellite broadband off the ground for years. Now the Falcon 9 is set to launch the first test.