iPhone XS draws crowds to Apple stores, even after all these years - CNET
Claire Reilly
The bleary-eyed Apple fans queueing early in the morning, the cheering staff: Apple's latest iPhone launch was on brand.

Amazon's Echo devices get redesign on the way to world domination - CNET
Ben Fox Rubin
An Alexa-powered microwave and wall clock were just the tip of the Alexa iceberg today.

iPhone XS goes on sale, drawing fewer crowds but plenty of fans - CNET
Claire Reilly
Australia was the first to get its hands on the new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and Apple Watch Series 4.

Google employees reportedly talked search tweaks to combat Trump's travel ban - CNET
Steven Musil
Emails discussed how to "leverage" the web giant's search function to counter Trump's controversial ban, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Tesla's VP of global supply management is the latest to jump ship - Roadshow
Kyle Hyatt
Liam O'Connor is one of a handful of Tesla execs to exit amid current climate.

Amazon Echo Dot, Basics Microwave, Echo Sub: Everything Amazon just announced - CNET
Megan Wollerton
A redesigned Echo Dot, a smart microwave and a subwoofer are just some of the new things Amazon unveiled at its September event.

Amazon's $25 Smart Plug brings Alexa brains to dumb electrical appliances - CNET
Stephen Shankland
The smart power plug allows you control older appliances, like lights or coffee makers.

Forget Amazon's new Smart Plug, these do the same thing for less - CNET
Rick Broida
Commentary: Sorry Amazon, $25 is too much -- especially when cheaper plugs can also work with Google Home.

Tesla Model 3 crushes NHTSA's crash testing with a 5-star rating - Roadshow
Kyle Hyatt
The Model 3 received top scores in every category tested by NHTSA, including standard safety equipment.

iPhone XS launch imminent, customers line up at Apple stores across the world - CNET
Gordon Gottsegen
The iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and Apple Watch Series 4 launch in-stores Sept. 21.