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Surprise Announcement Changes Container Landscape at DockerCon EU

The DockerCon EU conference was loaded with content and news, including a big announcement concerning Kubernetes.

Folding ZTE Axon M Aims to Outflank Apple, Samsung in Phone Design

Smartphone makers have been scratching their heads for years to come up with new features that will grab buyers' attention. China ZTE is the first to see if a folding, ...

Samsung T5: Small, Light SSD Carries 1TB in Your Pocket

With most movies taking up anywhere from 4GB to 8GB of storage on average, do the math; you can place a lot of movies on this little device.

Google Claims Progress in Weeding Out Extremist Videos on YouTube


U.S Lawmakers File Bill to Enable Businesses to Pursue Cyber-Criminals

Two U.S. representatives introduce legislation that aims to give companies the legal protection needed to pursue and identify hackers over the Internet.

There's More to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Than Mixed Reality

The latest version of Windows 10 helps users build bridges between iOS or Android devices and their PCs.

Microsoft's Teaches Azure Cloud to Keep Government Secrets

Microsoft's government-focused slate of Azure services will soon allow security-conscious agencies to store and manage secret classified data on the cloud.

HP's New ZBook x2 Takes Aim at Surface, MacBook Pro

HP describes the 2-in-1 desktop PC as “the world’s most powerful and first detachable PC workstation” and is going to market alongside Adobe.

Huawei Adds AI Chips, Dual Leica Cameras to Mate 10 Smartphones

DAILY VIDEO: Huawei new Mate 10 smartphones include AI chips to boost performance; researchers reveal critical KRACK flaws in WPA WiFi security; the U.S. Supreme ...

Ubuntu Drops Unity for GNOME in Artful Aardvark Release

After years of building its own desktop, Ubuntu drops Unity for GNOME in Artful Aardvark. Here are other highlights of the latest Ubuntu release.